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ecoPayz is a trusted e-wallet popular across Europe that allows you to send and receive money in an instant through an entirely secure network that protects you against fraud and keeps your personal details safe. It's fast, free, and easy to create an ecoPayz account - just logon onto their website and fill in a few personal details. ecoPayz allows you to deposit online in over 45 different currencies with no fees associated for setting up an account. It is also not necessary to have a bank account, as you can fund your ecoPayz account with cash, as well as by card or bank transfer, and there are no credit checks when applying.

Online Gambling Sites That Accept ecoPayz

Site Sports Casino Poker Bingo
Yes Yes - -
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
JetBull Yes Yes - -
RealDealBet Yes Yes - -

How it Works

The process to use ecoPaz is very simple and it all starts with simply registering an account within the website.  Once you have done this you can then hook up your bank account or credit card to the site to deposit funds into your account.

The next step is finding a bookmaker that allows you deposit using ecoPayz and from there you will be asked to sign into your account and confirm your deposit amount. What’s great about ecoPayz and e-wallets in general, is that you can take money straight from your bank via your e-wallet to then deposit into your betting site, should you not have enough funds already loaded into your account.

It’s going to appeal to a wide range of players from a number of countries. The e-wallet concept has taken the gambling industry by storm, mainly because of the likes of Neteller, Skrill and PayPal, but alternatives such as ecoPayz are great for anyone who may live in countries that are restricted by the other three wallets mentioned.

Using ecoPayz for online gambling

A new account can be set up in 159 countries around the world supporting a massive 45 different currencies. Whilst the number of bookmarks who offer this service are limited in comparison to some of their rivals, the likes of Marathonbet, Betsson, Intertops, Jetbull and Vbet all offer ecoPayz depositing options.


The massive benefit to suing ecoPayz is the fact that you don’t need to include your bank account details on your bookmaker of choice. This means that you could essentially have one account for all the bookmakers that you sue and be able to securely track and trace any deposits or withdrawals that you make.

It also adds another layer of security when using this deposit option as any hackers will need to get information direct from the ecoPayz account as your details wont be stored within the bookmaker.

As it’s an e-wallet, you are going to see drastic improvement on transactions times when compared with that of using your bank account or credit card. Most will be processed within a few hours and you will have your money the same working day at worst, compared with bank transfers which often take several working days, if not weeks.


The main disadvantage with ecoPayz is the number of bookmakers that accept this payment method. We noted some of the more popular ones above, but the list doesn’t really stretch too much further and none of the ‘elite’ in online betting seem to use the company at all.

The fees included are also slightly steeper than other e-wallets with withdrawals costing $10 and a 2.9% fee when using credit cards to deposit.

About ecoPayz

ecoPayz has been about since 2000, although they originally set up as ecoCard, making it one of the longest established e-wallets in the industry. The company is based out of Horsham, England and was set up by Phil Davies, Tony Davis and Craig James.

The company have steadily grown over the years and are regulated by the FCA under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. The company re-branded itself to ecoPayz in 2013 to allow the group to differentiate between products that they wanted to offer people.

In 2014 the site saw its development of the ecoVirtualcard launch with great success, tying in nicely with their all-new mobile apps for iPhone and Android device.

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