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entropay is essentially a virtual pre-paid Visa card, which you can top up with a debit card, credit card or via bank transfer. Registration is fast and easy, so you'll be able to make safe and secure deposits on any gambling site where entropay is accepted before you know it. The payment method also allows you to transfer money back into your entropay account, which means you can also make withdrawals from betting sites using this system. Simply 'cash out' on any betting site that offers entropay as a withdrawal option and this will be credited back into your entropay account.

Online Gambling Sites That Accept entropay

Site Sports Casino Poker Bingo
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Betsafe Yes Yes Yes -
Yes Yes Yes -
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes - -
Mobilebet Yes Yes - -
Titan Bet Yes Yes Yes -

How it Works

The first port of call will be to register an account with Entropay. This takes just a few minutes and then you will need to register a credit or debit card with your account.

You can go one of two routes when using Entropay. The first is to pre load your account from your banking method of choice and use it as a pre-paid entity. The second will allow you to still make transactions direct from your Entropay account, but instead of pre-loading funds, you can make the transaction direct from your banking method on account.

The Entropay site will appeal to a huge number of online bettors who are looking to use e-wallets as an alternative to directly using credit or debit cards with bookmakers. The concept allows you to keep these personal banking methods away from your betting account and instead use a secure line of payment that will be virtually untraceable should anyone get access to your account.

The Entropay account will also appeal to users where banking with debit or credit cards is prohibited.

Using Entropay for online gambling

Entropay is available to use for players in most countries. The following list of countries are prohibited from using Entropay: Afghanistan, Belarus, Cote D’Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lao, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar, Nauru, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine Territory, Principe, Sao Tome, Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Yemen and South Africa.


The biggest benefit for using Entropay is the added layer of security that you are going to get over using your debit or credit card. The fact that your details wont be stored with online bookmakers will be massively appealing to a lot of punters out there.

As with all e-wallets, users of Entropay will enjoy a massively reduced transaction time for money both deposited and withdrawn. Most deposit options will come as instant, but withdrawal times can range massively. The majority of bookmakers will instantly process withdrawals back to your Entropay account with transactions being completed in a matter of hours, not days.

As an Entropay user you are also going to be able to access the pre-paid card, which is attached to your account. This will be a MasterCard and can be used at any point of sale or ATM that accepts MasterCard giving you instant access to your account and funds.


The main disadvantage comes in the form of the fees that you will have to pay to use the service. Setting up an account is free, but to load your account you will need to pay a 4.95% charge on any funds going in. Other fees include a 1.95% charge to receive money and 2% foreign exchange fee.

Other Payment Methods