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Brazilian Real (the plural form being reais) is the official currency of the South American country, Brazil. Brazil is the largest country in South America that borders all but two South American countries and has a coastline along the Atlantic to the east and it was, of course, the venue for the 2016 summer Olympic games, which were held in Rio de Janeiro.

For those looking to gamble online with the Brazilian Reais, or BRL for short, there is a much better selection when it comes to making a casino deposit using BRL than sports betting with at least six different options. For those wishing to place a sports bet with the $R, JetBull is one of the few options accepting the Brazilian currency. For the latest offers available in BRL check out the sites organised by betting type below.

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About the Currency

Today's modern Brazilian Real was introduced in 1994, replacing the cruzeiro real as part of a reform to help reduce the ever-increasing inflation. The new currency, unlike the old uses the R$ symbol with just the one slash through the dollar rather than two as it formally had.

R$ banknotes include 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 with the R$1 banknote discontinued in 2006. The coins are 5, 10, 25, and 50 centavos with a coin for R$1. The 1 centavo piece was also discontinued in 2006 and is currently only very rarely used.

Exchange Rates

The exchange rate between the Brazilian Real and the US Dollar has fluctuated quite dramatically since it was first introduced with 1 BRL estimated as $1.20 USD in 1995 and then rising to R$2 per 1 USD in 1999, and up to an all time low of R$4 to 1 USD in October 2002. For the most accurate and up-to-date figure, it's best to visit XE.

Approximate Exchange Rates
3.22 3.60 4.01 2.44 2.43

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