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The Mexican Peso, or MXN, is the official currency of Mexico. The currency was modeled after the Spanish dollar from the early 15th century and still retains the same symbol – the $ sign. The currency is the eighth most traded in the world and the most traded within Latin America.

When it comes to placing a deposit with the Mexican Peso you are quite limited when it comes to sports betting, bingo, and poker operators. For online casino, however, which is quite the popular pastime in Mexico, there is a lot more choice with at least 10 different casino options, including Royal Panda, Royal Vegas Casino, Euro Palace Casino, and more.

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About the Currency

The name 'peso' refers to the Spanish word 'pesos oros', meaning 'gold weights', so quite literally the word translates to mean 'weight' in English. The first actual peso was made in 1866 and remained a stable currency in the country over time. In 1993, the government then introduced the 'nuevo' peso, or 'new' peso, however, ended up dropping the 'nuevo'.

The symbol for the peso is the dollar $ or Mex$ to distinguish it from all the other dollar sign currencies. Banknotes include 20, 50, 100, 200, and $500 pesos with coins including 50 centavos, 1, 2, 5, and $10 coins. Less common coins include 5, 10 and 20 centavos and the $20 coin.

Exchange Rates

From the late 1990s the Mexican Peso has traded from about 9 to 15 pesos per US dollar, but has since gone up to around 19 pesos per 1 USD at the time of writing. As with any currency, the rate is always changing, so it's advisable to check XE for the most accurate MXN rates.

Approximate Exchange Rates
19.04 21 23.21 14.37 14.37

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