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The Romanian Leu, or RON, is the official currency used in the Southeastern European country, Romania. The currency is divided into 100 units called 'bani', which is a Romanian word used to mean 'money'. The name 'Leu' translates to mean 'lion'.

When making a deposit using the Romanian New Leu, there isn't a huge variety of choices, which means many might opt to deal in Euros for that very reason. JetBull accepts RON deposits and, for casino operators, there is a bit more choice, also including CasinoLuck and Next Casino.

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About the Currency

The Romanian Leu has undergone a series of changes, starting from when it was first introduced in 1867. The 'New Leu' – the fourth version of the currency – was only introduced in 2005 and is the current currency in place. Currently, Romania are not part of the Eurozone, as they do not meet all of the requirements, but they hope to by 2020, which means it's likely that they will one day adopt the Euro.

The Romanian New Leu is available in the following bank notes: 1 leu, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 200 lei with the 500 lei note rarely used. Coins available include 5, 10, and 50 bani with the 1 ban coin no longer really used.

Exchange Rates

For RON exchange rates, it's best to visit as the rates are always changing and the ones below are only accurate at the time of writing.

Approximate Exchange Rates
4.07 4.50 4.98 3.08 3.08

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